A Week in My Life: Sharon Smith, Director of Sales and Business Development, Hop Software


Hop Software is a property management system (PMS) provider and digital agency with offices in Chester, Edinburgh and South Africa.

The platform offers solutions including its PMS, multi-property system, digital marketing services through search, PPC, SEO and content, as well as HopContactless, aimed at ensuring the safety of guests and staff. .

Sharon Smith is the platform’s Director of Sales and Business Development, helping hospitality companies manage their properties, teams and operations. A seasoned sales leader, she has held leadership positions at companies such as Caboodle Technology, Candor UK and Premium Medical Protection.

It operates from the technology provider’s Chester office. We found out what a recent week in his life was like …

On Monday

After starting my day with an alarm at 6 a.m., I check my emails and scour social media platforms for the latest industry news before dropping my furry best friend Alfie off at daycare. for dogs and get to the office.

Prevent Monday morning dates with your coworkers – but first, coffee. Our weekly team meeting begins on Monday, where we cover the actions and goals for the week and discuss solutions, approaches and ideas for clients. Importantly, this week we also discussed the new client websites that are due to go live, which is always an exciting time for the team.

Next up is our onboarding and support team meeting, where we take a look at the status of our new PMS customers, discuss which ones will go live this week, and make sure everything goes smoothly. well with existing customers as well. It is vital for our team that our customers stay happy – even on Monday mornings!

Following this, I am joining the weekly department heads meeting for the next few hours, to make some exciting plans for our Christmas party! I then head for a well-deserved lunch break. The afternoon then consists of catching up with a few strategic partners and planning our next round of joint marketing campaigns.

To end a busy day in meetings, I have a monthly one-on-one interview with a member of the marketing team. Keeping our customers happy is important, but keeping our coworkers happy is just as crucial to the smooth running of the business. And finally – home time. I sit on the M56 for a while, which seems to have turned into a parking lot, pick up Alfie and take a quick stroll to the gym before rushing home to the chaos of dinner and homework. After a busy day, the only option is to relax and enjoy the MasterChef escape.


Work from home today. I love being in the office with the team, but a break from the start at 6am is always a blessing.

Nonetheless, my normal routine continues: coffee, emails and responding to teams. I check hospitality publications for the latest industry news to make sure I’m up to date before another busy day, then I spend my morning working with our wonderful customers.

The first is to work with a partner and his client, move them to our Hop PMS and define a digital marketing project. This is followed by a PMS demonstration with a potential client in Cardiff – I always enjoy being on the ground in the business as it gives me great insight into the needs and requirements of the hospitality industry looking for technology. .

Then an afternoon review meeting with an always-busy sales team member. Following this, I score several brownie points with my daughter by picking her up from school in the pouring rain. No coat in sight – not cool when you’re a teenager, clearly!

After returning to my home office with a wet girl, I start planning to set up our client forum with our brand manager, which is very exciting as we have been working on it for a while and we can’t wait to do it. launch. Scotland, here we are! After another round of deleted emails, it’s time to stretch your legs on a dog walk before enjoying my standard Tuesday night entertainment – ironing. I’m sure the neighbors secretly drop theirs off because it’s endless!


Sun this morning which is always a good start to the day. Today is the day of strategic planning; Hop is looking for substantial growth over the next 12-36 months, both in the UK and overseas, so we’re spending an exciting morning looking at options for acquisitions, resellers and new strategies.

The Growth Plan is a brilliant project to be part of, and it’s great to feel that the future is looking bright. I manage to take some time for a quick lunch and sit in the sun before making a call with a Hop client who faces many challenges with staff turnover and shortages – common concerns in the industry afterwards. the pandemic.

We discuss the challenges in detail and put a plan in place to help with continuing education and keep everyone up to date with the technology. It’s always good to be able to help, and after all, happy customer, happy life. Next, we review and approve our winter marketing campaigns – and other discussions around Christmas (it’s too early, I know!), Before we book train tickets for the upcoming hospitality exhibitions in London.

We look forward to meeting our partners and customers one-on-one – it’s been a long time coming! Having spent all day at a desk, an hour of swimming tonight helps burn some energy before mom’s cab reopens for the evening. Finally, it’s food and a switch in front of the TV.


My morning starts before I wake up at 6 a.m., because this time it’s the cat that demands attention. After a well-deserved coffee and dropping off Alfie at daycare, I head to the office.

A busy and varied day today, full of exciting prospects for the team. At Hop, we are all looking to think outside the box, so we are organizing a workshop with our sales and marketing teams on lead generation. It’s informative and a lot of fun, with tons of creative ideas from both sides of the team.

After that, I go through industry news on social media and wonder if I should go for lunch at Sainsbury’s or M&S. M&S wins – we all deserve a treat sometimes!

After a delicious, albeit expensive, lunch, I work out a new website creation proposal with one of our digital account managers. The site must have a real “wow” factor because the hotel is truly exceptional, so we thought together to create the proposal in a short time, as the presentation is scheduled for Friday. No pressure!

A weekly review with our brand manager is next on the list, and during that meeting we take a deep look at the stats for social campaigns, PPCs, and website visits, and make sure they’re all ready to go live for the next week and we’re on track for the rest of the month to hit our marketing KPIs.

Coming home – days go by when you are busy! After a few late-night emails to answer before you go, I spend the rest of the evening flipping through the channel. Peace at last.


The last day of the work week begins with a catch-up with the marketing team and a review of current projects – there’s a lot going on at Hop right now, which is always great news.

Following this, we have a conference call with a potential reseller in South Africa and an EPOS partner in India. I am a real jet setter today! On Fridays, I always allocate a little time to catch up on the endless administration.

This week I’m also using that time to put some dates on the agenda to come back to local networking events in the Northwest and contemplate how good it feels to get back to some normalcy. After incessant emails and calls throughout the afternoon, the weekend is finally here. I decide not to feed the zoo today, instead we’ll head to the village pub and sample one of their amazing chicken kebabs, with a glass of Chardonnay – or two!

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